From Strategy to Action

Transform your business sustainability journey to drive
positive business and environmental impact.

Meet Snowkap

Snowkap empowers businesses to revolutionise their ESG performance and drive sustainability from Reporting to Reduction. Our Net Zero platform is your partner in addressing vital ESG challenges,reducing your carbon footprint and creating meaningful, lasting impact through data-driven sustainability decisions.

Beyond reporting, Snowkap is your guide in the journey of ESG evolution. Partner with Snowkap to turn your sustainability journey into your ultimate competitive advantage.

Strategy to Action

Analyze and report your sustainability data, and make data-driven sustainability decisions to create maximum, lasting impact.

Scope 3 Solutions

Calculate Scope 3 emissions with limited data and input from suppliers, outlining a journey from estimation to accuracy.

Scalable Sustainability

Expand carbon accounting and ESG assessments seamlessly to multiple facilities, suppliers, and product lines.

Centralised data management

Manage the collection, computation, and reporting of ESG and GHG metrics all in one place.

Team of experts

Navigate the ever-changing sustainability landscape with our team of experts with decades of experience in business, tech, and sustainability.

Our Mission

At Snowkap, we are driven by a powerful mission - to decouple economic growth from carbon emissions. The statistics are stark: global carbon emissions have surged to an alarming 36.44 billion metric tons each year, contributing significantly to the escalating climate crisis. Businesses are at the heart of this challenge, and we believe they hold the key to transformative change.

Many companies struggle to grapple with the impact of their carbon emissions and the effect it has on the planet and its people. Our mission is to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint while continuing to grow and thrive. We are steadfast in our conviction that economic growth and environmental sustainability can go hand in hand.

Our Team

Martin Malmros

Co-founder, CEO

Polar Swimmer, Corporate ESG Expert

Rajesh Patel

Co-founder, Chairman

Tree Planter, Serial Entrepreneur

Giri Krishnaswamy


Investor, Supply chains, FMCG Specialist

Ambalika Gupta

VP, Sustainability

Dancer, ESG Execution

Siddharth Patel

AVP, Finance

Maverick, Business Model Driver

Dhruv Kaushik

AVP, Strategy

Seeker, Business Execution

Paramareshwaran Radhakrishnan

AVP, Product

In-house Cricket Expert,GHG Champion

Duscha Manglani

Sales and Marketing

Human Tripadvisor, Sustainable Living Enthusiast

Saloni Kamble

AM, Marketing

Climate Storyteller and Philosopher

Prerna Rathee

Business Analyst

Environmentalist, GK Expert

Soumya Gupta

ESG Executive

Traveller, Programming, and Database Expert

Roshni Radhakrishnan

Senior Executive, Customer Success

Multitasker, Problem Solver, Dreamer

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