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You are one step closer towards
building an ESG compliant business

Understanding your business needs is our DNA.
CAC has partnered with Snowkap to provide end-to-end tech-enabled managed ESG solutions

Why The Partnership?

Navigate your Journey to Net Zero with us.

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    What is 1 + 6 ?

    • Why Sustainability Matters?

      1. Mitigates Financial & Operational Risks

      2. Ensures Compliance

      3. Secures Investor Confidence

      4. Enhances Market Differentiation

      5. Elevates Brand Reputation

      6. Strengthens Customer Loyalty

    • We can help you with:

      1. Sustainability Strategy and KPI Setting

      2. Materiality Assessment

      3. Carbon Emission Measurement and Reduction

      4. Collecting ESG and GHG Data from your Supply Chain

      5. ESG Reporting: CBAM, BRSR, GRI, CDP, SBTi, among others

      6. Sustainability Training and Education

    About our ESG program

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