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CAC has partnered with Snowkap to provide end-to-end tech-enabled managed sustainability services

Why The Partnership?

We are delighted to join forces with CAC, a company that shares our vision for a sustainable future. This partnership represents a powerful synergy between Snowkap's innovative sustainability solutions and CAC's deep commitment to client success. Together, we are poised to deliver unparalleled value, helping businesses to not only meet their environmental, social, and governance goals but to set new benchmarks in sustainability and compliance.

- Rajesh Patel, Co-founder & Chairman, Snowkap

We are excited to embark on this partnership with Snowkap, a recognized leader in the sustainability space. This collaboration is not just a strategic alignment but a pivotal step towards enhancing our commitment to you, our clients and prospects. Together, we are setting new standards in ESG excellence, driving growth, and pioneering responsible practices that ensure you thrive in a sustainable and compliant future.

- Nikhil Agrawal, Vice President, CAC

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    • Why Sustainability

      1. Mitigates Financial & Operational Risks

      2. Ensures Compliance

      3. Secures Investor Confidence

      4. Enhances Market Differentiation

      5. Elevates Brand Reputation

      6. Strengthens Customer Loyalty

    • Our partnership with Snowkap can help you with:

      1. Sustainability Strategy and KPI Setting

      2. Materiality Assessment

      3. Carbon Emission Measurement and Reduction

      4. Collecting ESG and GHG Data from your Supply Chain

      5. ESG Reporting: CBAM, BRSR, GRI, CDP, SBTi, among others

      6. Sustainability Training and Education

    Why Snowkap?