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With the UAE's commitment to the global climate agenda and the upcoming COP 28, there has never been a better time to partner with Snowkap and take your ESG evolution to the next level.

Snowkap empowers businesses in the UAE to revolutionise their ESG performance and drive sustainability from Reporting to Reduction. Our Net Zero SaaS platform helps your business reduce its carbon footprint, make data-driven sustainability decisions, and create meaningful, lasting impact.

SaaS Solutions to Power the Full Spectrum of Your ESG Journey

Why Partner With Snowkap?

Strategy to Action

Analyze and report your sustainability data, and make data-driven sustainability decisions to create maximum, lasting impact.

Scope 3 Solutions

Calculate Scope 3 emissions with limited data and input from suppliers, outlining a journey from estimation to accuracy.

Scalable Sustainability

Expand carbon accounting and ESG assessments seamlessly to multiple facilities, suppliers, and product lines.

Centralised data management

Manage the collection, computation, and reporting of ESG and GHG metrics all in one place.

Team of experts

Navigate the ever-changing sustainability landscape with our team of experts with decades of experience in business, tech, and sustainability.

Stakeholder Storytelling

Tell compelling stories about your sustainability journey from comprehensive global reporting and ESG progress, to your ongoing commitment to Net Zero.

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